Voodoo Moon

by The Black Fortys

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basic tracks recorded live at Moon Studios an extension of Ski House Studios in West Frankfort, IL between June 11th - July 15th 2011 year of our lord by Carey Neal & David Allen on 1 inch reel to reel tape. no computers were used in the tracking of this recording. Mastered by Carl Saff saffmastering.com


released October 25, 2011

cover photo by Bridget Ryan
masks by Ashley Gierke

words by Josh Murphy
music by The Black Fortys


"Dark Horse/Big Guns by Carly Lappin/Josh Murphy/The Black Fortys

"Hang Your Head Down Low" by warmguns/blackfortys


Metiney Suwanawongse-Moore - violin
Becca Perry - violin
Aaron Moore - Trumpet
Alex Francois - cello
Ken Trimble - Trombone
Kevin Ohlau - Saxophone, Clarinet, Melodica
John McCowen - Bass Clarinet
Rob Jacobs - violin
Ray Maragni - accordion



all rights reserved


The Black Fortys Carbondale, Illinois

voted band of the year in carbondale. we said "thanks."
we opened for Bob Dylan, Nas, Raconteurs, Jake Bellows & Duke Spirit. Rolling Stone Magazine said we were the best college band of 2008. we said "thanks." recorded w/ Brian Deck in Chicago made "Kaskaskia Island e.p." toured with Duke Spirit & Eulogies. Built an analog reel to reel studio & made "Voodoo Moon." had our songs on mtv shows ... more

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Track Name: You Don't Come Around
you don't come around
not like you used to
my baby's waiting at the pearly gates
she's got time to kill & a great escape
there's a voodoo moon & an open grave
where nothing is lost when nothing is saved

i'm a water child
acquiesced for you
Track Name: You Get Yours, I Get Mine
there are no walls between you & me
there are no walls between you & me

we are standing on the border line
where you get yours & i get mine
in the distance,
a sea of palisades guard your heart
when you hide your face

we are tides in the moonlight
at ease. at ease.
Track Name: Blood Red Moons
she lays on the floor
says "you got that far away look in your eye."
i say "i've been thinking about oil wells & cold wars,
table talk, & over sized cities incestuously crashing into each other. yes, i've been thinking about a transient jesus. i've been thinking about a transient jesus & i believe there are no more watchtowers. just pillars of giraffes tempting, flowing. tempting. flowing."

"tell me what you see."

"two angels staring. two angels staring back at me.
that's what i see."

we all got tired. tired of waiting & tired of choices
i wish, i wish, i wish i could be anywhere
but right here right now & see the blood red mooons
& galileo. Galileo!
Judas hanging from a tree,
tell me what you see?

"two angels staring. two angels staring back at me.
that's what i see."
Track Name: Thirteen Various Hesitations
there are thirteen ways to see the truth
there are thirteen ways it comes back to you
it comes back to you

your sister's here
she won't disappear
but you don't need it now

"how did you get so superstitious?"
"when did you get so far from me?"
Track Name: Hang Your Head Down Low
you gotta watch it now
cause they are coming round the bend
in a lazy style, trying to make some friends
but the weight's too heavy for their backs to carry
you understand it ain't ever going to be the same again.

but don't you hang your head down low
forget everything you've known.
everything you have known.

now there's a new face, pale face
in the in betweens of what you say
& what you think it means.
the angels & the devils,
they don't practice disbelief
& a loaded gun ain't what makes a dead man bleed.

that don't make a dead man
hang your head down low.
you just forget everything you've known.
Track Name: Five Four
listen close. they are there.
Track Name: Sneaky Babies
standing in shadows.
standing in shadows & moons
two white horses follow you.

who crowns the living?
who crowns the living in tombs
when two white horses follow you?

who looks for heaven?
who looks for heaven in you?
well...not like i do.

running from shadows
running from shadows & moons
two white horses follow you
Track Name: Luna & The Ocean Deep
i've been walking that long dirty road
and there ain't no going home.
lord how long?! how long will it take
till i know my rightful place?
then the lord said "See the blood red moons
and then you'll know the end is coming soon."

Hey Luna! Luna & the ocean deep,
i hear your whisper reeling through the trees
the river floods your home
& them north winds chill my baby's bones.

yeah yeah yeah
Track Name: The Wait
there's a trial, there's a trip you take
down a lonely road to a lonely place
where everyone leaving goes.

there's a wait, there's a long long line
to get what you need & to keep what you find
when everyone leaving goes.

the dark don't hide you from the face of the moon.
you can't outrun what you can't undo
don't look back now, you know what you might see...

babe, i'd love you better if you only had eyes for me.
Track Name: Dark Horse/Big Guns
the ghost of a face is my one enemy
peering in on me when i sleep to deep.
everything's familiar in these tiny cities
nothing tastes as bitter as finding your hands empty.
you can lead a horse to water, beat it till it's dead
all that make believing, riddles in your head.

"go get your dark horse. i'll get my gun. we'll go riding where the sun don't rise."

"now whose got the big guns? now who holds the rain in the palm of his hand?"
Track Name: Voodoo Chatter
the falling of the tower