Kaskaskia Island

by The Black Fortys

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released February 14, 2009



all rights reserved


The Black Fortys Carbondale, Illinois

voted band of the year in carbondale. we said "thanks."
we opened for Bob Dylan, Nas, Raconteurs, Jake Bellows & Duke Spirit. Rolling Stone Magazine said we were the best college band of 2008. we said "thanks." recorded w/ Brian Deck in Chicago made "Kaskaskia Island e.p." toured with Duke Spirit & Eulogies. Built an analog reel to reel studio & made "Voodoo Moon." had our songs on mtv shows ... more

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Track Name: Beestings
it's your mother's words, your father's curse it's just another drowning incident. i may never fully understand those who've championed discipline from the bottom of your wishing wells & the keyholes have sworn to burn in hell though i never took a step inside romanticized genocide...but wait, i still got the numbers...nothing makes a noise. the richest now will later be the poor & the fleeting harmonies of your tight rope scenes will never get you trained awards & the backlash of the railroad track will always leave you looking for a home with alibis & back lit eyes but wait, i still got the numbers. beestings always hurt the worst. this is how the world ends...
Track Name: Jnana Veda
where the trumpets said they'd wash you clean, i'll bunker down with my sanctioned company. pneumatic bliss in the graveyards bade the scene. i walked alone & i said my prayers. you see, i say my prayers for me. jnana veda like a circus chaos brings, standing still with a devil at it's knees. judas knows what a madman's kiss can bring. eternal numbers & a birthrite you'll never see
Track Name: Kaskaskia Island pt. 2 (no solo)
she's americana kamikaze wearing your wounds sliding through the avalanche on an open line. you assumed my head & consumed my life. no way to untangle these wires of time. i remember your winter coats; our secrets hid, five years, waiting for your war. our ship came in all weathered & torn. we slept in the oceans & dismantled a dream. you painted your blues. you painted your blues with/for me. oh sister please don't you let me fall. don't you end up where i belong. sister please...
bells were singing your song to me. they crowned you queen. there's snakes at our feet now, but you stood your ground. something got the best of me. something got through to me now. oh dear lady...i'm late...buried deep in mistakes.
Track Name: Kaskaskia Island pt. 1
there's no one coming over
there's nothing left to lose
nothing but what you say will come back to you

black eyed swans fly
through the fire in your eyes
unholy, you saw me
punch drunk in your sleep
but once it dies you cannot bring it back to life,
you'll see
that the names all get erased
& the faces get replaced to me
shapely, you're in my way
there's dead gardens in your place
unholy. unholy. unholy. unholy.
Track Name: You Can't Charm A Ghost
we were sitting there thinking of an unborn home when someone said "you're never alone if the math don't add up & you're forced to leave again." we're always losing a friend. so i'm headed back south. the wind in my mouth won't be followed by an entourage. we were sitting there reading with a bottle of rum when i knew you'd never understand your skin. we're always breathing through holes. so if you're headed back south & the sun's in your mouth, don't forget to forget about me cause i'm a ghost darling, i'm a ghost. i don't really feel like dying, i don't really feel like staying alive. i don't really feel like...
it could be easy. sooner or later you gotta find that it could be easy. sooner or later you gotta find a way to forget the burdens, remember the rhymes that followed you through the broken numbers. I relive the words you birthed & the silent graves that i buried you under.
Track Name: Car In Parking Lot, Parking Lot Under Water
here comes the landslide. there go my soul. all these tired soldiers mining for mothers or dying for coal. when all these sunken angels looking for home, they're lost for words & silence. they're leaving us all, leaving us all behind.
the trumpets sound a war cry. the drums will roar the sound of rolling thunder. it runs in your blood & it rattles for floor. the moon holds all yer hope. the sea waits for returns. & here they come.
we jumped the gates at dawn.
like heaven holds alarms
in awe of what has been there all along.
the rooftops held our peace in early make believe
in a haze, a dream, or some place in between.
there go my landslide here come my soul
all these sunken angels mining for mothers or dying in coal
the trumpets sound a war cry. the drums will roar the sound of rolling thunder. it runs in yer blood & it rattles your floor. all these tired soldiers looking for home, they're lost in words & silence. they're leaving us all, leaving us all behind.
boom chaka boom